Ailunce HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR Transceiver Review

Ailunce HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR Transceiver Review

There are about as many options out there as there are channels when it comes to the radio. 

Manufacturers have continued to make advancements on this classic piece of technology. One of the latest is the Ailunce HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR.

If you’re looking for something small and compact but still overflowing with nifty add-ons and useful capabilities, then the Ailunce HS2 transceiver is one to check out. It features some of the most recent developments in radio technology, including compatibility with Windows 10. 

Read on for more information about the pros, cons and overall must-have features of this top-of-the-line dual transmitter/receiver. 


What’s in the Box?

One great thing about the HS2 is that it comes with all of the attachments necessary for relatively full enjoyment. No extra purchases are necessary. 

Aside from the transceiver itself, there are several items the purchaser will find in the box.



  • Transceiver — compact and lightweight at less than 1 KG
  • Frequency of 300K - 1.6 kHz
  • In-built high-speed tuner, electronic key controller, sound card, and FLASH memory
  • Cooling fans X 2
  • In-built GPS
  • Power lead — included cable is only 30 cm long
  • Microphone — specifically designed to meet the noise qualifications of this model.
  • Cable compatible with the USB C socket

If interested in an external antenna, GPS or amplifier, which do not come included, there's an abundance of usable sockets to make this SDR meet most other needs. 

Ailunce HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR Transceiver Review: Our Initial Impressions

Upon first picking up this radio, you’ll likely be struck by its small, sturdy size in comparison to other similar gadgets. 

The compact size is deceiving, though, as it’s still able to receive frequency coverage from 300k~1.6 KHZ. Such coverage is similar to many larger transmitters/receivers, while this one also has the added benefit of being more easily transportable.

Aside from its size, the HS2 also boasts an attractive brushed aluminium finish and an intuitive button layout. A touch-screen would admittedly be better in terms of convenient usage, but a clear LCD screen and arrow buttons still allow for a user to flip through features with relative ease. 

As for button features, included are bandwidth selections, manual frequency entry, an electronic compass module, an SWR clock, AF audio control of tone and mic gain levels and a built-in speed automatic antenna tuner. 

With so many options for tuning and sound modulation, it should come as no surprise that the sound comes through loud and clear. 

The DSP and noise reduction capabilities — a unique feature to the HS2 model — certainly help with the clarity.

This model has a large selection of listening options. A built-in speaker, plus 3.5mm audio jacks for external speakers and headphones, enable multiple listening options on top of high-quality sound. 

If there is one flaw in the sound, though, it would have to be the two cooling fans on either side of the case, which kick into gear after only 5 watts of power usage. The wind tunnel effect might be slightly deterring, but at least your radio runs no risk of overheating. 

Still, the ease of usability and variety of features make the HS2 an enviable radio by today’s standards. 

Windows 10 plug-in capabilities mean that you can achieve sound input and output through the computer, which means that you can control the radio with cat commands. You’ll also be able to control frequency on the computer, view the spectrum scope, and even access the sound card with IQ data.

You can also get third-party software to work with the radio through the computer, which opens up the option for many other digital modes. 



  • Very compact — excellent for portability
  • Clear LCD
  • Multiple listening options
  • In-built tuner for auto-tuning
  • USB input to plug into laptop/computer
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Clear transmission


  • Small buttons — could be an issue for some
  • Display is not a touchscreen
  • Cooling fans loud
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What to Use the Ailunce HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR Transceiver For?

Due to the double frequency conversion circuit structure, the HS2 supports SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM frequencies, making it highly versatile. 

Ultimately, this device allows for most transmitter or receiver activity up to VHF/UHF 5 watts and HF/6 20 watts. 

The compact size makes it easy to transport, whether you’re a trucker using it on the road or an amateur radio enthusiast who likes to tune in while travelling. 

Additionally, the advanced software-defined technology means you can use this SDR receiver for any communications that require embedded or personal computer technology. 


The HS2 All-Band All-Mode SDR Transceiver might not offer touchscreens or advanced GPS systems, but it boasts more software-based features than most others on the market. 

Not only does it have many top-notch features, but they are also relatively dependable and easy to use. This hardware and software, combined with excellent sound production, makes this device a high-quality investment.

Pick up the Ailunce Transceiver from Moonraker todayand experience clear and loud communications. 


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