HEIL the Fin - Ultimate Review

HEIL the Fin - Ultimate Review

Moonraker hosts a variety of efficient and innovative products for amateur radio, and the HEIL the Fin microphone is no exception! Pictured in a major motion picture, this device has a lot to offer. It's highly dynamic, and the quality precisely aligns with your expectations from a supplier like Moonraker.

To give you a clearer idea of what we mean, we provide you with a full review, covering everything from what's in the box to what makes this microphone special. Everything you need to know before purchasing is here, so let's jump into it!

What's in the Box?

The FIN vintage microphone arrives in a well-packaged box with the dynamic microphone, a user manual, and a flight case. 

The user manual provides detailed information about how to get the microphone up and running and includes product specifications. You will also find information about the microphone element's frequency response within this manual, so it's a helpful document.

The HEIL the Fin is in a durable travel case. It’s compact enough to be portable but sturdy enough to handle the long journeys you may have to take with your microphone. The box could also double as a storage case, which is equally helpful when you aren't using it. 

Product Design

The first thing we notice is how surprisingly light the HEIL microphone feels. Despite appearing so solid, it weighs just under twenty-five ounces. If you often travel with your microphone, you will have no issue bringing this device with your handy travel case. It is exceptionally well-built, too. There is no denying that the manufacturing quality of this product is on the higher end, and we appreciate it.

The Connections

Your mixer or radio connection will come through via the three-pin XLR at the bottom of the microphone. The mounting point is next to this, making attaching it to a mic stand or boom arm an entirely smooth process. In addition to this, you will find four LED lights powered with 48V via your audio mixer.

Production Quality

The standout feature of this device is the upper mids, which offer an excellent frequency range. It’s suitable for live productions or studio recording, with exceptional tonal quality. 

Style and Colour Options

If aesthetics are important to you, you'll be thrilled by the multiple colours that the HEIL microphone comes in too. You can choose the colour while placing your order. 

The vintage look is why this microphone featured in The Hunger Games, and if it's good enough for the silver screen, it's good enough for us!

Get Your Hands on the HEIL the Fin Microphone Today!

Overall, we're very impressed by the HEIL the Fin microphone. It delivers in appearance and features, providing practicality in a stylish format. If you want to get one for yourself, head to Moonraker today. Moonraker prides itself on exclusively providing the best products for its customers, so if you're looking for a supplier you can trust, you've found it here!