Moonraker GPA-RX HF Antenna 2-90 Mhz Review

Moonraker GPA-RX HF Antenna 2-90 Mhz Review


HF antennas are some of the most popular antennas on the market for transmitting and receiving signals over the air. Whether it’s a vertical antenna, directional antenna or beam antenna, HF antennas are varied with some extending to over 25 meters and costing over £3000. 

But the GPA-RX HF Antenna from Moonraker is a solid choice that packs in a lot of value for the price. If you want to drag in stations from the west of North America to Eastern Europe while catching very low noise interference, the GPA-RX might be the perfect antenna for you. 

Read on for the full review of this great HF vertical antenna from Moonraker.


What's In The Box?

The GPA-RX is a vertical wideband receive antenna that measures 5.4 meters in length and has a frequency receive range of between 2-90 MHz. 

BUT not only is it a receive antenna … you can also transmit on this antenna at between 40-10 meters (7Mhz to 29MHz) on its own or open up 60-80 meters (3.5MHz to 5MHz) with an external ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit). This is a great low cost way of getting on HF. Plug and play 80 meters through to 6 meters (3.5MHz to 50MHz) with perfect SWR when used with an external ATU.

This HF antenna has a vertical radiator that comes mounted on an aluminium bracket. That bracket is held in place by two other plastic brackets that give it excellent strength and security.

The antenna can be attached to a standard mounting pole anywhere between 25 and 40 millimetres using the U-Bolts that come in the bag.

The impedance on this antenna is 50 Ohms. At the bottom is a small plastic box, and inside that box is a matching transformer that helps with impedance matching across the supported frequency range.

If you're concerned with SWR, this antenna won't give you much trouble there and you don't have to worry about it matching your feeder either.

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Moonraker GPA-RX HF Antenna 2 - 90 Mhz Review

If this antenna could be compared to any other on the market, it would be a half-wave 27 MHz CB antenna, which has a similar build and also comes in at about 5 meters. But this antenna is not a CB antenna. This is a wide band HF receive antenna and we explore its performance on some of the HF bands below.

When testing on 80 Meters or 3.5MHz you will notice that the GPA-RX works well. However, if you switch between a comparable end-fed half-wave wire antenna and the GPA-RX, you will find that the wire antenna will probably pick up a clearer quality of sound, but that’s because the wire antenna takes up a lot more space than the GPA-RX.

Dialing it up to 40m or 7MHz you'll see the signal levels pick up a bit. Many stations start opening up, including Morse, digital modes and voice. At 20 meters or 14 MHz and above, the GPA-RX comes to life and this is where the wire-antenna falls behind the GPA-RX picking up more static and interference.

The GPA-RX is a very popular HF receive antenna, is good value for money and does work well within the 2-90 MHz frequency range. The performance improves as you move through the frequency’s range closure to 90 MHz as you would expect. The test review showed that a wire-antenna can give you better performance at the lower frequencies but not everyone has the space for a full length wire-antenna.

One of the problems with most HF Base Antennas is their size. Some can be quite portable when packed up, but most are immovable when fully set up and mounted. The GPA-RX is no exception. 

The GPA-RX will need an ATU (Automatic Tuning Unit) for transmission and keeping the antenna at less than 8ft off the ground will significantly help the performance of this antenna.

Overall, this is a solid antenna that picks up clean sound, is easily mounted and is good value when compared to the other options available on the market.

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Listening and Speaking to the World

For the price, the GPA-RX HF Antenna is a steal. If you've looking for value for your money, it's worth spending it on this antenna. Let yourself have access to the world of HF, let yourself have the GPA-RX!

When you've got an antenna like the GPA-RX HF Antenna at your disposal, the whole world is right there at your fingertips for listening.

Check out the detailed specs for this antenna and more at Moonraker!

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