Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner - Product Review

Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner - Product Review

There are thousands of radio waves, broadcasts, and conversations in the air around you. And tapping into this ocean of electromagnetic dialogue requires a radio scanner. 

The Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner from Moonraker provides everything you need to begin your radio journey. If you’re new to amateur radio, the Whistler WS1065 is the perfect scanner for your tool kit. 

Read on to find out what this high-powered radio scanner can do. 

What’s in the Box? 

The Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner comes with all the necessary equipment to find the right frequencies and connect your device to your computer. 

You’ll find a quick start guide and a comprehensive user manual, which will further explain the components and how to use them. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the box: 


The WS1065 features an extensive frequency range that stores up to 1,800 frequencies, allows you to search for nearby frequency transmission, and instantly jump to the found transmission. 

Save time searching for previously used- frequencies with the V-scanner technology. This saves radio configurations for recall into the main memory. With a pre-loaded memory bank, a total of 37,800 storable objects, you can easily scan and discover nearby communications. 

On the front panel, you’ll find an LCD screen and all the relevant buttons with labels illuminated when powered on. The speaker is on the bottom panel, with an extension speaker socket on the rear panel, along with a BNC connection and the 13.8-volt DC power input. 

Also, the front panel houses the power volume, squelch controls, and a 3.5-millimetre headphone socket. This socket is used for programming or taking the IF output into your computer’s sound card for use with third-party software. 


To get you started on your scanning experience, the Whistler WS1065 comes with a small telescopic BNC-terminated antenna. This external antenna lets you hear more transmission from a greater distance. 

AC Adapter 

The main power supply AC adapter is included allowing you to connect the scanner to your desktop. There are also various interchangeable plugs to suit many different countries, making the WS1065 perfect for use abroad.  

Hardware Mounting Kit 

Everything you need to install the Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner is included. The hardware mounting kit come with the following items: 

  • A mounting bracket

  • Thumb screws 

  • Rubber feet 

  • Vehicle mounting cage 

The mounting bracket is designed so the WS1065 scanner can be installed in your home or car. If installed inside a vehicle, the mounting cage helps to secure the WS1065 so that it’s installed similarly to a typical in-car entertainment system.

PC Interface Cable 

A USB programming cable is also included, giving you easy programming options and downloading between your scanner and the USB-interfaced PC. However, the WS1065 will come pre-loaded with a special Moonraker memory bank. 

Purchase the Whistler WS1065 Desktop Radio Scanner Today!

This remarkable radio scanner is the perfect robust solution for both novice and veteran ham radio enthusiasts. 

The Whistler WS1065 desktop radio scanner includes the scanner, antenna, AC adapter kit, hardware mourning kit, and PC interface. With clear instructions from the manual guide and all the tools needed, you can set up your scanner and begin radio communication in no time.  

And you can find the Whistler WS1065 right here at Moonraker. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and providing exceptional customer service. 

Grab the WS1065 today and see how it can elevate your radio communication experience.