HF Loop Antennas

HF Loop Antennas
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  1. Chameleon Cha F-Loop 3.0 BASIC (80-10M) Chameleon
    Special Price €458.71 Regular Price €573.38
    458 Watts
  2. Chameleon CHA F-LOOP 2.0 Total Portable Loop Antenna Chameleon
    Special Price €399.96 Regular Price €499.95
    399 Watts
  3. MFJ-1786X - 10-30 Mhz Hi-Q Loop/Deluxe-220V MFJ
    668 Watts
  4. MFJ-1886X - Wide Band Receiving Loop, 220Vac MFJ
    363 Watts

About HF Magnetic Loop & Loop Tuners at Moonraker

At Moonraker, we offer only the highest quality products to add to your amateur radio setup, so you can rest assured you're working with quality. These products are no exception, as can be seen by how popular our products are.

We offer a range of different products, each with its own distinct benefits for your setup, whether you're completely new to amateur radio or have been practising for some years. Which one you choose is entirely up to you, but we're certain you won't be disappointed no matter which you decide to purchase. We’re confident you’ll find your perfect fit from our excellent selection available here at Moonraker!

These amateur antennas and tuners are an ideal addition to any amateur radio collection, but they have specific strengths in certain areas. They’re especially useful in smaller spaces as they take up less room than most traditional antennas due to their unique shape. 

However, remember what we said above about size. If your antenna is too compact, it could hinder its efficiency. 

Typically, these antennas have an extremely narrow bandwidth, which is why these tuners are so integral to successful use. They help you to tune to a specific frequency with exact precision. 

What Are HF Magnetic Loop & Loop Tuners?

If you aren't entirely sure what a loop antenna or tuner is good for, don't worry, we'll explain. 

Let's start with what this type of antenna actually is. It gets its name due to its shape. Unlike standard antennas that simply extend in a line, these antennas form a circle (or loop). 

They’re often made of two different antennas, with one being smaller than the other. The smaller antenna is known as the magnetic loop, and the larger antenna is known as the resonant loop. 

Loop tuners are exactly what they sound like; they assist in tuning your loop antenna.

When browsing these antennas for your ideal selection, keep in mind that the smaller options are generally only used for receiving low frequencies and aren't as efficient as their larger counterparts. This fact is important to keep in mind before committing to a product, especially if you are aiming for higher frequencies.