CB Linear Amplifiers

CB Linear Amplifiers
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  1. RM KL300P - 20-30MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier (With Pre-Amp) RM
    191 Watts
  2. RM KL300 - 20-30MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier RM
    171 Watts
  3. RM KL506 - 3.6-30MHz (300W) Linear Amplifier (With Pre-Amp) RM
    363 Watts
  4. RM KL200 25-30MHz 100/200W Linear Amplifier RM
    95 Watts
  5. RM KL503 - All Mode 20-30MHz (250W AM/FM 450 SSB) Amplifier RM
    219 Watts
  6. RM KL203 - All Mode 20-30MHz (100W) Linear Amplifier RM
    52 Watts

About CB Linear Amplifiers at Moonraker

Moonraker presents a comprehensive selection of CB Linear Amplifiers designed to enhance communication capabilities for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our range includes compact yet powerful equipment tailored to various needs and preferences.

For those seeking an extra boost in signal strength, we offer the RM KL60, a compact amplifier ideal for applications requiring increased power output. With a frequency range of 20-30MHz and output power reaching 70W PEP SSB, this amplifier ensures reliable performance in a small form factor.

The Zegati B750 24V amplifier provides versatility with adjustable output power levels suitable for various operating conditions. It offers peace of mind and robust performance, particularly in challenging environments, as it has protection against reverse polarity.

The Zetagi B47 100W SSB Linear Amplifier stands out for high-quality amplification with advanced features. Equipped with MOSFET technology, it delivers low signal distortion, high reliability, and superior performance. With an output power of up to 100W SSB, this amplifier is ideal for users demanding exceptional clarity and range.

CB Linear Amplifiers from Moonraker cater to radio enthusiasts, amateur operators, and professionals seeking to improve signal strength and communication range. Whether for recreational use, emergency response, or professional applications, our amplifiers provide the power and performance needed to stay connected in various scenarios. Explore our collection today and experience enhanced communication capabilities with Moonraker's CB Linear Amplifiers.