CB SWR Meters

CB SWR Meters
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  1. SWR/PWR Meter - Moonraker SWR-125 Moonraker
    19 Watts
  2. SWR-100 - Basic SWR Meter Moonraker
    14 Watts
  3. Zetagi 102 SWR Meter 3-200MHz Zetagi
    28 Watts

About CB SWR Meters at Moonraker

Discover precision and performance with Moonraker's collection of CB SWR meters. Whether you're a seasoned CB radio enthusiast or a professional user, our range caters to your frequency measurement needs with accuracy and reliability.

Explore Moonrakers SWR-125 SWR/Power Meter, renowned for its popularity and functionality. Designed to measure SWR and power, its illuminated meter provides clarity and ease of use, making it an essential companion for citizen band radio operators.

Consider the Astatic PDC2 SWR/RF/Field Strength Meter for versatile testing capabilities. With three function tests for SWR, RF power, and field strength, it's perfect for testing any 50-Ohm antenna and coax used in CB operations. Easy to mount and use, it's a reliable choice for assessing your antenna system's performance.

Whether fine-tuning your CB setup for maximum efficiency or ensuring peak performance in critical communication situations, Moonraker's CB SWR Meters deliver the precision and reliability you need. Choose Moonraker for superior quality and performance in every transmission.