Linear Amplifiers - Amateur

Linear Amplifiers - Amateur
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About Linear Amplifiers at Moonraker

Moonraker boasts a wide range of exciting, state-of-the-art linear amplifiers across various innovative brands, such as Zetagi, VERO, RM and Mirage, to name a few. The vast array of wattage, sizes, and prices means anyone can find their ideal linear amp at their desired budget with Moonraker. 

Only sourcing the best of the best, Moonraker provides experienced radio enthusiasts and first-timers with top-quality amps to suit their needs. But why choose a linear amplifier? 

That depends on why and how you’d like to amplify your signal. When your signal needs a powerful boost, but you want to strengthen the input signal at a fixed ratio and output it, this amplifier will get you there. 

With the range offered at Moonraker, you won’t be short of choices as to which amplifier will suit you best! No one amp is the same as the next, and these unique amps, with their lack of power switching, give them a great benefit of very low unwanted noise and next to no EMI. This specific type of amp is an excellent addition to any radio enthusiast’s set of equipment. 

If you’re looking for a reliable amp with a range of exciting specifications and various brand options, you won’t be disappointed when you discover your next great purchase with Moonraker. 

What Are Linear Amplifiers?

A linear amplifier is an electronic circuit whereby the output is proportional to the input. However, it can deliver more power to the load. 

This specific type of amplifier is often a radio frequency power amp where the output is measured in kilowatts and is often used in amateur radio. The amp's nature means it can produce a signal that is an exact replica of its input and is less prone to sound distortion.

In amateur radio, commercial 1-2 kilowatt linear amps use vacuum tubes and can provide a massive 10-20 times more radio frequency power amplification. Meaning that, should you have a transmitter with an input of 100 watts, a linear amp can increase this to 2 kW output. That's a massive increase for those desiring more power!


What Is the Purpose of a Linear Amplifier?

As with any amplifier, a linear amplifier is designed to boost your signal. Yet, a linear amp will do this by increasing the power to the load. However, the output is proportional to the input, meaning the input signal is fixed.

Do I Need a Linear Amplifier?

If you want a power boost to your signal, then a linear amplifier could be your answer. This is especially true if you want to increase your output power from a transceiver to increase it to the total legal limit.