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Amplifiers - Amateur
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About Amplifiers at Moonraker

Would you like to give your signal a much-needed boost? Perhaps you’ve grown frustrated by your transceiver’s limited range and need to increase your signal, or you just want more power? 

Whatever the reason behind wanting to boost your signal, Moonraker is here to help with a vast range of amplifiers that’ll help you transmit further without compromising on a high-quality signal. 

If you want to take low-voltage signals from your source equipment and turn that into a signal with greater power, be that for clarity of sound or wanting the signal to have a further reach, then you’ll need an amplifier. Amplifiers can typically be split into pre-amps and linear amplifiers. While both types of amplification have the same purpose – to increase or amplify the signal – there are slight nuances between the two. 

The amplification from an amp is measured by ‘gain’. In short, the gain is the output voltage, current, or power ratio to its input. 

So, in layperson’s terms, the gain is how many times more power the output has to the input. So if you’re looking for more gain, there’s no doubt you’ll need an amplifier to help you get there. 

With a vast range to choose from at Moonraker, you’ll have plenty of choices as to what amplifier will suit you best!

What Are Amplifiers?

Amplifiers are brilliant innovations created to receive small electrical inputs and turn them into more significant signals via pre-amp and linear amplifiers. A pre-amplifier, also commonly known as a pre-amp, is an electronic device that takes a weak input signal and magnifies it into a strong output signal, strong enough to be heard further away without distorting the sound.

On the other hand, linear amplifiers are designed to increase the power of the output signals from a transceiver. 

Types of Amplifiers

Linear Amplifiers

Often HF, UHF, and VHF transceivers don’t provide the power needed to reach the total legal limit desired by users, which is where a linear amplifier becomes very useful. Your typical ham radio will use linear amps to boost the radio frequency transmission by up to 10-20 times, meaning that a transmitter with an input of 100 watts, for example, would be increased to a 2 kW output.


Often pre-amps are perfect for amplifying signals from microphones and other analogue sensors. Pre-amplifiers are an absolute necessity for anyone looking to take a weak input signal and transform it into a strong output signal. 


What Does an Amplifier Do in Ham Radio?

Ham radio, also known as amateur radio, is a popular hobby among the radio enthusiast community and provides a platform where people, electronics, and communication come together. Adding an amplifier increases the output power from a transmitter or a transceiver.