Audio Improvement & Noise Reduction

Audio Improvement & Noise Reduction
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  1. BHI ParaPro EQ20B-DSP BHI
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About Audio Improvement & Noise Reduction Products at Moonraker

Our audio improvement and noise reduction products are top-of-the-line and designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Whether you're using them for broadcasting or receiving audio, our products can take your amateur radio to the next level. 

With the right noise reduction products, you can broadcast and receive radio audio clearer than ever before. Depending on the style and brand of your chosen product, you can adjust how much is removed from the original audio. This includes the frequency range and the quality of noise reduction, in addition to being able to monitor waveforms and spectrogram to highlight specific unwanted sounds. 

Any amateur radio enthusiast would benefit from audio improvement and noise reduction technology. However, if you find yourself frequently frustrated with the quality of the audio you broadcast, noise eliminators and filters are a must. They can make a significant difference to your audio quality - beneficial to both you and your listeners. 

At Moonraker, we pride ourselves on providing only the best products to create an adept broadcasting experience. 

What are Audio Improvement & Noise Reduction Products?

If you're already familiar with audio improvement and noise reduction products, you will already understand the vital role that they play. Not sure? Let us explain.

These products essentially operate to ensure that only the central audio can be heard, removing the ‘variable’ audio from the background. 

What falls into the category of ‘variable’ audio? Well, anything that makes hearing the intended message more difficult. This can include hissing, humming, the wind, or any other unwanted background noise. These products are essential if you want the audio you transmit to sound as clear as possible. Without it, significant interference could make your audio entirely illegible or jarring to listen back to. 


What Does Noise Reduction Do in Audio?

Noise reduction products work to make your audio broadcasts as clear as possible by removing unwanted background noises. It helps amateur radio enthusiasts to ensure that the information they transmit is clear and easy to understand, which benefits all parties involved. Many amateur radio enthusiasts consider it a staple of a successful setup. 

How Does Noise Reduction Work?

Noise reduction technology works by identifying unwanted spikes in audio that obstruct or distract from the intended content. It then isolates these spikes and removes them entirely, meaning your broadcasts contain only what you want them to rather than confusing background noises.