Mobile Ham Antennas

Mobile Ham Antennas
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  1. Rez Antenna Ranger 80 Portable HF Antenna Kit Rez Antenna
    Special Price US$582.36 Regular Price US$647.07
    582 Watts
  2. SHARMAN Multi-Portable 9 Band HF Antenna Sharman Multicom
    51 Watts
  3. Ampro-6 : 50MHz 6 Metre Mobile Antenna Moonraker
    20 Watts

About Mobile Antennas at Moonraker

Explore Moonraker's extensive selection of mobile antennas, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse clientele that includes hobbyists, seasoned professionals, and fervent radio enthusiasts. 

Whether it's the lecture halls of educational institutions, bustling construction sites, the front lines of firefighting, or the patrol cars of law enforcement agencies, our antennas are pivotal tools, facilitating the precise and reliable exchange of information across various dynamic settings.

For individuals keen on enhancing their radio communication capabilities, upgrading their existing antennas can be transformative. This simple adjustment can significantly elevate the quality of transmissions, ensuring that messages are conveyed with utmost clarity and accuracy, even when faced with adverse environmental conditions. 

At Moonraker, we offer a wide selection of amateur antennas, empowering you to establish a network of seamless and effective communication, making sure that vital information reaches its intended destination with utmost precision.

What Are Mobile Amateur Antennas?

Mobile amateur antennas constitute an indispensable component of radio communication systems, where they’re normally securely affixed to a diverse range of motor vehicles. These antennas are engineered to operate seamlessly while in motion, bestowing them with a versatility that finds application in many scenarios. Whether mounted on personal vehicles or construction trucks, these antennas play a pivotal role in extending the range of amateur radio transmissions.

In the ever-changing landscape of radio communication, these antennas prove to be dynamic tools, adept at surmounting challenging terrains and mitigating interference, making sure that critical information is transmitted with unwavering clarity and efficiency. Their ability to facilitate communication in real-time, even in the face of external hindrances, underscores their significance in public safety, emergency response, and various professional sectors, where swift and reliable information dissemination is paramount.


How Does a Mobile Antenna Work?

Within most mobile radios, a connection exists between the transmitter and a feed line, which, in turn, links to an antenna. When an individual communicates through the transmitter, the electrical signal journeys down the feed line and is emitted from the antenna. Impedance pertains to the level of resistance present within the cable's electrical conduit.