Portable Antennas

Portable Antennas
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  1. Rez Antenna Ranger 80 Portable HF Antenna Kit Rez Antenna
    Special Price US$552.79 Regular Price US$614.21
    552 Watts
  2. Chameleon MPAS (Modular Portable Antenna System) Chameleon
    Special Price US$655.17 Regular Price US$818.96
    655 Watts
  3. Arrow II Roll Up Antenna Bag Arrow
    71 Watts
  4. Rez Antenna Ranger 80 - Coil Only Rez Antenna
    Special Price US$388.96 Regular Price US$432.18
    388 Watts
  5. Chameleon CHA TD Portable 1.8-30MHz Antenna Chameleon
    Special Price US$327.56 Regular Price US$409.45
    327 Watts
  6. JPC-7 - 40-6M Portable Dipole HF Antenna JNCRadio
    Special Price US$279.95 Regular Price US$307.08
    279 Watts

About Portable Antennas at Moonraker

At Moonraker, we take immense pride in presenting a broad and diverse range of portable antennas, carefully curated to meet the needs of hobbyists and radio enthusiasts alike. These meticulously designed antenna are the linchpin for elevating radio communication experiences, offering exceptional clarity and reach across varying distances.

You’re sure to find your perfect fit in our selection. Each product is tailored to a specific spectrum of bands, frequencies and applications. They are a great addition to your communication equipment wherever you are, thanks to their portability. 

With their reliability and versatility, these amateur radio antennas empower hobbyists to explore their passion for communication further afield, making every transmission an exciting endeavour. For the dedicated community of radio enthusiasts, Moonraker's portable products offer an unparalleled opportunity for you to fine-tune your setup at different locations where and whenever you choose.

We have options that enable amateurs, hobbyists and professionals alike to extend their reach, explore distant frequencies, and communicate with like-minded individuals, enriching their radio experiences.

Moreover, our portable antennas aren’t just tools; they’re enablers of connections. They foster camaraderie among hobbyists in amateur radio, keep users connected to the world, and enable radio professionals to delve deeper into their craft. 

These antennas are more than just devices; they’re the gateways to enhanced communication. Explore our range to discover the perfect product to suit your needs and preferences, and embark on a journey of seamless, crystal-clear communication over various distances. Wherever you are, we’ll surely have a product to enhance your setup. 

What Are Portable Antennas?

Portable antennas are versatile devices used in radio communication. They enable the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves, specifically radio signals ‘on the move’. They are portable which means you can move from location to location with ease. 

Moonraker's diverse range of mobile and portable antennas serves hobbyists and radio enthusiasts, enhancing communication clarity and extending the reach over varying distances. 

These antennas empower users to explore their passion for radio communication, whether for experimentation or professional use. They’re vital tools that enrich communication experiences, keep professionals in the field safe, and ensure many people and communities remain in contact with the broader world.