Vertical Antennas

Vertical Antennas
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  1. GPA-80 HF Vertical 80-6M No Gaps Moonraker
    102 Watts
  2. GP2500 All Band 80-6M HF Vertical Moonraker
    204 Watts
  3. Sharman X-30 2m/70cm Dual Band Base Antenna Sharman Multicom
    51 Watts
  4. Alpha Antenna HEXTENNA UHF/VHF/HF Alpha Antennas
    Special Price US$245.70 Regular Price US$307.12
    245 Watts
  5. Hustler 5-BTV 10/80M HF Vertical Hustler
    307 Watts
  6. Sharman X-50 2m/70cm Dual Band Base Antenna Sharman Multicom
    56 Watts

About Vertical Antennas at Moonraker

At Moonraker, we pride ourselves on only supplying the best possible products to our customers. We understand that amateur radio is more than just a simple hobby for most. It’s a real investment, so we strive to only provide products that reflect that commitment to quality, including in our range of vertical antennas.

We have an enormous range of vertical antenna products for you to browse through, with hundreds of different styles and types to suit your every need. We understand that all amateur radio setups are different, with different priorities, too. Some setups are designed exclusively for receiving signals, others prefer to transmit, and some are a mixture of both. 

We realise having a diverse range of products is essential to suit our customers' similarly diverse needs, which is why we provide such an expansive range.

So, who needs a vertical antenna anyway? One of the most significant benefits of this type of antenna is its ability to work in very small areas. If you don't have all the space in the world to accommodate your amateur radio setup but still want it to work effectively, a vertical antenna could be the perfect solution. 

What Are Vertical Antennas?

Vertical antennas are antennas where the main elements of the device are vertically oriented as opposed to horizontally. Additionally, the polarisation of the transmitted or broadcasted radio wave is also vertically polarised. 

Vertical antennas are highly versatile and often an integral part of amateur radio setups. They’re used in a wide range of radio applications, including point-to-point radio, private radio, and mobile communications.

There are numerous kinds of vertical antennas, too, ranging from LF to HF, VHF, and more. This variety makes them a staple for numerous amateur radio enthusiasts, and they’re often favoured when horizontal options simply aren't applicable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vertical Antennas Noisy?

Whether or not vertical antennas are noisy is subjective. The truth is vertical antennas often exhibit greater noise levels compared to horizontal antennas, though it’s best to experiment with different styles and models to find what works best for you.