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About Cables & Adapters at Moonraker

At Moonraker, we strive to provide only the very best products for radio enthusiasts. Every radio setup is different, and the amount of accessories you invest in will vary based on personal preference and what you intend to use your setup for specifically. However, one thing's for certain: you're going to need plenty of cables and adaptors.

These are the pieces that are integral to the functionality of your entire system, but you'd be surprised by how easy it is to forget about their importance.

Cables vary enormously. If you're new to radio communication you might not realise this, but the differences between two identical-seeming cables can be significant. 

These differences can include the material they're constructed from, their loss and OHM rating, and how durable their outer layer is. For example, if you primarily use your antenna and radio outdoors, you'll need a much more durable cable than someone intending only to transmit and receive signals indoors.

Adapters are also a crucial component, as they allow the seamless connection between multiple components. Without the right adapter linking your devices together, you may not be able to transmit or receive signals at all, or your overall quality could be greatly hindered.

At Moonraker, we offer a wide range of cables and adapters for you to choose from. Browse today and find the perfect upgrade for your amateur radio setup.