HEIL PR-10 Mic Package – Product Review

HEIL PR-10 Mic Package – Product Review

We only supply the best products in our range at Moonraker, and to ensure that remains true, we like to do deep dives into our devices. This time, we'll be reviewing the HEIL PR-10 Mic package, walking you through everything you need to know about how it looks, feels, and functions. Let's jump in!

What's in the Box

The first thing you'll find is the handy user manual with all the details you need to get started. Even if you're completely new to amateur radio products, you'll have no problem jumping straight in with this guide. It includes a variety of key information, including detailed specifications and information on the PR-10's controls. 

You'll also find a 3.5-millimetre mono to quarter-inch mono jack cable; this is used for your PTT output. You'll also find a sturdy microphone mount that easily attaches to the base of the LB-1 unit for quick and efficient use. An eight-inch adjustable mic boom is also provided, giving you full customisation over the operating position of your mic whenever it's in use. 

The LB-1 base unit features frontal LED indication lighting to provide key information whilst in use, making performance incredibly easy to monitor. The LED status is controlled by a switch featured on the side of the base, indicating on, off, or the control of the PTT switch. 

Key Features

The HEIL PR-10 Mic package is impressive from the start. It looks and feels sturdy, with a stylish appearance and easily understandable controls. At the rear of the LB-1 base unit, you'll find a 3.5-millimetre socket which is used for PTT control of your radio. The PTT button itself is conveniently located on top of the LB-1 for easy access.

On the underside of the LB-1 base unit, you'll find the battery compartment, which fits two AA-size batteries. These are used to power the built-in LED indicator lights we mentioned before, so don't forget to add them during set-up!

One of the best features of the HEIL PR-10 is the clarity of sound it produces. Its dynamic element provides a completely articulate sound ranging from 85 hearts to 16 kilohertz. This impressive range is more than enough to guarantee you'll be heard loud and clear on every transmission you make. 


The most striking thing about the HEIL PR-10 is its black satin epoxy finish. There's no denying the visual appeal of this device, and its practical applications are just as impressive. It has a professional feel that is very much appreciated. Amateur radio doesn't have to look amateur!

The microphone has a standard three-pin XLR connection toward the lower end, allowing for direct connection to the LB-1 mic boom. Alternatively, you can use this connection for an audio cable of your choice.

Get Your Own Today!

We're impressed with the HEIL PR-10 Mic package, and we're confident you will be too. Get your own today by visiting us at Moonraker, or browse our full collection for even more inspiration! If you're an amateur radio enthusiast, we're sure to have something you'll love.