HLP-270 Dual Band Halo Loop - Features & Review

HLP-270 Dual Band Halo Loop - Features & Review

An antenna is crucial to transmitting and receiving clear signals between wireless points. With a great antenna, your wireless network will be efficient and effective, and the HLP-270 Dual Band Halo Loop, available from Moonraker, is no exception. This affordable and effective loop has been designed with the user in mind. 

What’s included? 

  • A comprehensive user manual outlining the antenna installation tips

  • U-Bolt to allow you to mount the loop onto a pole 

  • Two rubber boots to offer protection 

  • An Allen key to tighten the element grub screws

HLP-270 Dual Band Halo Loop


Made from top-quality aluminium, the HLP-270 antenna is more conductive than steel, more corrosion-resistant than other metals, such as copper, and more affordable than gold alternatives. Its aluminium construction means you get a maximum power rating of 800 watts across a 70-cm hand bands - without costing you a fortune.

And while there’s more to radio than its appearance, if you’re a radio enthusiast, you’ll know that antennas are the most visible component of a wireless radio or LAN. With the slick style of the HLP-270 Dual Band Halo Loop, your radio will have a stylized finish. 


This loop has been designed to be efficient in transmission and portability with its lightweight design (at 360 grams). Additionally, the HLP-270 Loop can be mounted horizontally so you can receive more precise signals. 

The HLP-270 Loop gains 4 dB on Very High Frequency and 5dB on Ultra High Frequency. On top of this, the HLP-270 antenna has a Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of below 1.5 across the bands and presents a 50 Ohm impedance match on the SO239 connector.

Other features/specifications

  • A high gain when mounted horizontally

  • 140-150 MHz/ 400-470MHz frequency

  • Max Power: 200 watts

  • Weight: 0.36kg

  • Connector: SO239 (UHF)

  • Scale: 11 x 11 inch (28 x 28 cm)

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