Icom IC-905

Icom IC-905

Icom announced an exciting industry first at the Tokyo Hamfair. Based on its SHF project, the IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF SDR transceiver will not only cover 144Mhz, 430Mhz, 1200MHz, 2400MHz, 5600MHz but 10 GHz* as well. (*Optional CX-10G transverter required)

Icom has not yet announced any information on price or delivery date.

The IC-905 transceiver consists of a controller and an external RF unit. The controller inherits the look and operation of the popular IC-705, but the entire RF technology is located in its own housing (RF Unit), which is mounted externally on the mast, very close to the antennas. This avoids high losses via long coaxial cables.

The controller and the RF Unit are connected via a weatherproof Ethernet cable. Not only the control is transmitted via this cable, but also the power supply. This is done via "Power over Ethernet", a well-known and widespread standard in network technology for supplying remote network devices.




We will have a limited amount of units available which are expected to sell quickly.


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