The LDG MC-7800 Dual Analog Color Meter Features & Review

The LDG MC-7800 Dual Analog Color Meter Features & Review

If you’ve got the Icom 7800, congratulations are in order! You’ve got one of the most advanced amateur radios ever developed. Now all you need is the state-of-the-art LDG MC-7800 Dual Analog Color Meter to accompany it so that you can monitor your radio frequency power and standing wave ratio. 

The LDG MC-7800 Duel Analog Color Meter is the perfect companion to give you everything you need for your Icom IC-7800.

What’s Included? 

  • Comprehensive user manual, assisting you in getting the most out of your MC-7800
  • DC Power Cable, connecting your Shack DC Power Supply to your meter
  • The signal cable, which connects your Icom IC-7800 to your meter via a plug
  • The LDG MC-7800 Meter

The LDG MC-7800 Meter

Meters and Display

The neat front of the LDG MC-7800 hosts clear and easily understandable displays, measuring 3.5 inches for each meter. The meter acts as a regular S-Meter, showing RF power, compression, and SWR. 

A great feature of the meter is that you can independently light each display with a different colour and alter the brightness to suit your unique needs. 

You don’t have to worry about your MC-7800 easily breaking as it’s made from metal, giving it a clean, sleek look and a sturdy base. Its size is compact, meaning it isn’t intrusive and can be moved or placed wherever best for you.

Power Supply

It’s important to note that the LDG MC-7800 needs a 12-volt direct current (DC) power supply. You can provide the DC power from any supply with the correct voltage that supports at least 500 milliamps, making it versatile. 

However, you can also source this power from a Shack DC Power Supply.

Additional Features and Specifications

On the rear

  • The on/off switch 
  • A power port, next to the on/off switch, located for convenience 
  • Two easy-to-use rotary controls allow you to independently change the background colour and brightness of each analogue display
  • Radio connection socket for you to use the single cable to connect your Icom IC-7800 with your LDG Meter


  • Two 3.5″ Analogue Meters
  • Displays: S-Meter, RF power, SWR, etc. 
  • 13.8 VDC +/-15% Voltage
  • 500 mA Max Current Draw
  • Scale: 8.0″ x 4.0″ x 4.0″ (200 x 100 x 100mm)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds (680g)

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If you’re an Icom IC-7800 enthusiast, buy your LDG MC-7800 from Moonraker today! This MC-7800 is the perfect companion to the Icom IC-7800; with great features, a sturdy frame, and a top-quality stylistic finish, you can expand your radio capabilities with the LDG MC-7800.