LDG MC-990 Dual Colour Meter - Product Review

LDG MC-990 Dual Colour Meter - Product Review

What's In The Box?

If you're looking to improve your Kenwood TS 990 set-up, the LDG MC-990 Dual Analog Color Meter is exactly what you need. We did a deep dive box opening to see exactly what you get. So, what does the box include?

  • A user manual
  • A 12-volt DC power cable
  • A signal cable
  • The MC-990 meter

You'll need the 12-volt DC power cable to connect your Shack DC Power Supply and the MC-990. As for the signal cable, this is to plug between the TS 990 and the MC-990. But what about the meter itself? Let's break it down.

Two Analog Meters

These easy-to-read 3.5-inch analog meters can show RF power, SWR, compression and also act as a regular S meter.

Each meter can be adjusted independently, including for background, colour, and brightness. This means you can adjust as necessary to your needs.

Use the 12-volt DC power cable that came in the box, or alternatively, you can use any supply with the correct voltage that supports at least 500 milliamps.

Front Panel

The front panel is made up of two large analog displays. Each is 3.5 inches. As the MC-990 is made of metal, the whole meter has a sturdy feel to it, and you can feel it is of high quality.

The Back Panel

On the back is where most of the adjustments can be made. There is the on and off switch, which is located next to the power port. Next to that are two sets of rotary controls - these are to make adjustments to the background, colour, and brightness for each of the analog displays. Finally, in the middle is the radio connection socket to connect the MC-990 meter to the TS 990.

Purchase the LDG MC-990 Dual Colour Meter Today!

Get your hands on this bit of kit from Moonraker and add to your Kenwood TS 990. This product is specially designed to be compatible with the TS 990, and you'll find everything you need in the box, from the power and signal cables to the meter itself.

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