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  1. President George II CB Radio AM/FM/SSB Transceiver President
    Special Price US$299.95 Regular Price US$337.79
    299 Watts
  2. Venom GPA 5/8 Wave Hygain Base Antenna Sharman Multicom
    46 Watts
    As low as US$15.35
    15 Watts
  4. Moonraker GAP-F 5/8 Wave Vertical Moonraker
    40 Watts

Moonraker is an expert provider of all thing CB radio. The long-standing ‘citizens band’ radio has fans and users spanning professionals, hobbyists and truckers who may also use CB for emergencies. That’s why we take pride in the products we have on offer for CB radio.

At Moonraker, you’ll find everything you need - whether you’re starting from scratch or need some new or replacement parts, we’ve got you covered.

Truck drivers are one of the largest groups who use CB radio, so we’ve catered everything for simplicity and ease of use whilst on the move. After all, CB has been a foolproof method of communication for truckers for decades - and we see no reason to change that.

What is CB Radio?

Citizens Band radio is a land mobile radio system. When used correctly, it allows short-distance communications. This is achieved using two-way radios with bidirectional voice communication systems. With 40 channels available that sit near the 27 MHz frequency, its primary purpose is for users to communicate with other users in their surrounding areas. Truckers will use CB to talk about road conditions and to socialize.  Furthermore, there are cases where CB radio is used on larger farms where farmers will communicate with each other whilst out on the fileds.

Types of CB Radio Products

CB Radio Transceivers

Vital to transmit and receive communications, the transceiver is the essential parts of your radio system, working hand-in-hand with the antenna.

CB Radio Kits

Moonraker stocks CB radio kits, so you can get everything you need in one set - even if you're starting from scratch. We stock budget and more advanced kits.

Mobile CB Radios

If you're often on the road and need a CB radio for your travels, a mobile option may be perfect for you. This setup is ideal for truckers and car users.

Handheld CB Radios

Handheld CB radios are the cooler older brother of walkie-talkies - compact in size but certainly not in power. 

CB Radio Antennas

Without the all-important antenna, you won't be able to pick up any signals for the radio to convert - much less communicate with others. Along with the transceiver, this is a VIP piece in your set-up.

CB Radio Accessories

Accessories for your CB radio include power meters, extension leads, and mounts.

CB Radio Amplifiers

You'll need an amplifier to convert those low-voltage signals into a strong enough signal to power speakers.

Base Station CB Radios

Base station CB radios are much larger than their handheld counterparts; they're freestanding and can reach impressive distances with the correct set up.

CB Radio Microphones

Without a microphone, you'll struggle to do any communicating - no matter how good the rest of your radio is!


What is the range of a typical CB radio?

While a few variables are at play, such as terrain, CB radios generally range between 3 and 20 miles. 

How do I choose the right CB radio for my needs?

The right radio for you will depend on how you intend to use it and if you need to mount it to a vehicle. Check out Moonraker for all available options.

What is the most powerful CB radio?

In the UK all CB radios are limited to 4 Watts of output power.  Base CB radio setups tend to get the strongest signal because you can spend time ensuring that they are in an optimal and permanent position with a high gain base antenna attached.

How can I Increase my CB Radio Range?

The best way to increase the range is to elevate your antenna to rise above any obstacles and receive signals more efficiently.  You can also add an amplifier to your set-up but you need to be aware of the legal implications under local laws of transmitting wuth too much power.