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MFJ-976 - Balanced Line Tuner


MFJ-976 - Balanced Line Tuner

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About MFJ-976 - Balanced Line Tuner

The MFJ-976 is a 1500 Watt full legal limit fully balanced antenna tuner. You get superb balance, very wide matching ranges (12-2000 Ohms) and continuous 1.8-30 MHz coverage including all WARC bands! It handles a full 1500 Watts SSB and CW. You can tune any balanced lines including 600 Ohm open wire line, 450/300 Ohm ladder lines, 300/72 Ohm twin lead -- shielded or unshielded. The MFJ-976 also tunes random wires and coax-fed antennas. MFJs fully balanced extremely wide-range T-network gives you simple, fast three knob tuning. No complicated switching between high and low impedance and switching in additional capacitance of L-networks. Four separate 500 pF in two gangs gives you a total of 2000 pF for highly efficient low loss separation on 160 Meters. You get excellent 10 Meter performance because of MFJs low minimum capacitance and exclusive Self-Resonance KillerTM high-Q AirCoreTM roller inductor with silver plated contacts. The MFJ-976 1500 Watt Fully Balanced Antenna Tuner has a heavy duty 1:1 current balun that gives you superb balance and stays cool even at 1.5 kW. True active peak reading lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter lets you read SWR, true peak or average forward and reflected power all at a glance on 300/3000 Watt ranges.

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: 1.5kW fully balanced manual tuner
  • Frequency: 1.8-30MHz
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Meter: VSWR 300/3000 Watts
  • Size: 310 x 180 x 100mm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Balun: Heavy duty 1:1
  • Fully balanced "T" match
  • Matches 600 ohm open wire, 450 & 300 ohm ladder line
  • High-Q aircore roller coaster inductor
  • Seperate tuning capacitors in two gangs
  • 3 Tuning controls


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