6 Best CB Antennas for Jeeps in 2022 Reviewed

6 Best CB Antennas for Jeeps in 2022 Reviewed


Finding the perfect CB antenna for your Jeep can be a tall order. There are so many on the market, all with significantly varying specifications. 

It can get very confusing if you aren't familiar with what separates an average antenna from a great one. Thankfully, that's what we're here to clear up because, at Moonraker, antennas and radio communication are where we thrive. 

This guide will take you through six of our top picks for CB antennas moving into 2022. We'll walk you through what makes each product unique, its specifications, and pros and cons. In the end, we'll discuss what you need to look out for when purchasing your antenna. Once we're through, you'll be an antenna expert! Let's get into it. 


  EDITOR'S CHOICE          
Frequency 26-28 MHz 26-28 MHz 26.7-27.7 MHz 26.7-27.3 MHz 27-28 Mhz 26-30 MHz
Material PC Steel Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass
Colour Various Black Black Black Black Black
Length 1.55m 1.52m 1.475m 0.95m 0.92m 1.14m
Max Power 1000 Watts 1000 Watts 1000 Watts 100 Watts 200 Watts 15 Watts
Antenna Type 1/4 Wave 1/4 Wave 1/4 Wave 1/4 Wave 1/4 Wave 1/4 Wave
Mounting connection 3/8" Thread 3/8" Thread 3/8" Thread Mount Included 3/8" Thread Mount Included
Cable Length N/A N/A N/A 4m N/A 4m


1. Sharman Multicom Springer CB Antenna - Most Popular/Best All Round

Last on our list, but not least, we have the Springer CB antenna. It is currently the most popular on the market, and we can see why. 

It is from a trustworthy and high-profile brand, so you can trust the quality of the final product. It is highly flexible with a base-loaded heavy-duty open coil design, so you aren't sacrificing any durability. 

It is also available in seven different colours, so if aesthetics are something you're particularly into, the Sharman Multicom Springer antenna has you covered. 




  • Type of Antenna: 1/4 wave reduced

  • Frequency: 26 - 28MHz

  • Length: 1.55m

  • SWR: <1.3:1

  • Max Power Rating: 1000 watts

  • Mounting: 3/8" x 24 thread



  • Highly flexible while still maintaining its durability, thanks to the heavy-duty base.

  • Great performance and a firm favourite with Cb enthusiasts.

  • Available in various colours


  • To maximise performance it requires a good ground plane connection to something metallic.

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2. Wilson FGT-5 Silver Load CB Antenna Black - Best Performance


Moving away from Sirio releases, we have the Wilson FGT-5 Silver Load. It is an admirable device, with a fully linear top designed for maximum power transfer, cited as being superior to helical winding. 

The carefully spaced windings reduce dielectric heat loss, and 18 gauge silver plated wire reduces resistive losses. This antenna means serious business, which you could probably tell from its size. 

It measures 5 feet in length, so the antenna is not designed with smaller Jeeps in mind. The length ultimately means enhanced durability and a frequency range reaching approximately ten miles. 




  • 3/8" X 24" standard threaded mounting

  • Length - 1.52m/5ft

  • 18 gauge silver plated wire

  • 3/8" fibreglass rod



  • The silver-plated wiring reduces resistive losses, improving overall performance.

  • An adjustable tip lets you fine-tune the SWR and resonant frequency to your specific needs at any time.

  • The 3/8'' fibreglass rod provides durable, heavy-duty performance for even the most rigorous drives.


  • Oversized at 1.52m/5ft in length, it may not be suitable for all vehicles.

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3. Sirio Twin-Log 5 - Mobile CB Antenna - Best for Power


What stands out about this release from Sirio is the sheer power it can handle. With a rating of 3000W, it easily has one of the highest power ratings on the market right now. 

This robust capacity is primarily due to its fixed design rather than flexibility. While flexibility certainly has its bonuses (especially for anyone looking to go off-road), it can come at the cost of some power. 

The Sirio Twin-Log 5 more than makes up for that. The frequency range covers 26.7-27.7MHz with a standard 3/8'' screw fitting for easy installation.




  • Bandwidth: ≥ 1.5MHz @ SWR ≤ 2

  • Materials: Fibreglass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Chromed Brass

  • Height: 1475 mm / 4.84 ft

  • Connector: 3/8" x 24 Thread (Male)



  • High power rating of 3000W, it can withstand high power surges without incurring damage from overvoltage.

  • A durable fibreglass finish can endure all weather types.


  • It is one of the longer antennas at 1.475m.

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4. Sirio New Delta 27-95 - Mobile CB Antenna - Best 'with mount' Kit


Another addition from the Sirio range making our list, the New Delta 27-95, is an efficient antenna that we approve of wholeheartedly. 

It possesses the same high-quality design you would expect from a brand like Sirio, with some new and unique features that we appreciate. They include the helical winding fibreglass whip, which can bend 180 degrees while avoiding damage. 

It's also entirely detachable, perfect for when you're driving through cities with low barriers or needing to put your Jeep through the car wash. 




  • Type: Helical loaded

  • Frequency range: tuneable from 26.7-27.3 MHz

  • Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2: > 900 KHz (80 channels)

  • Impedance: 50Ω unbalanced

  • Length: 95cm

  • Max. power: 35 Watts (CW) continuous 100 Watts (CW) short time

  • Standard mount: "N"

  • Cable length / Type: 4 m / 13.12 ft RG 58



  • Flexible bend to 180 degrees means it can withstand impacts from low-hanging branches or barriers.

  • Easily removable whenever necessary, perfect for the car wash or city driving.

  • A variety of optional mounting bases are available, providing multiple customisation options, so you aren't limited to a kind that may not suit your vehicle the best.


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5. Superflexi-36 Super Flexible Mobile CB Antenna - Best Budget

Next on our list is the Superflexi-36, and you can probably guess its winning quality from its name alone. 

This highly flexible antenna can bend in just about any direction with minimal damage. The design makes it perfect for the enthusiastic off-roaders who like to put their Jeep to the test. 

Despite this comparably heightened flexibility, this antenna still performs similarly to the more standard antennas. You won't feel like you need to compromise on quality to earn that additional flexibility. 




  • Type: Helical loaded CB antenna

  • Frequency: 27-28MHz

  • Length: 92cm

  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or better

  • Power: 200 Watts

  • Fitting: Standard 3/8th thread



  • Highly flexible, capable of bending more than 180 degrees without snapping or incurring damage.

  • High durability and performnace .


  • Some users reported having to use finite tuning to bring the standing wave ratio (SWR) down despite the product claiming to be pre-tuned.

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6. Sirio GL-27 No Ground - Mobile CB Antenna - Best 'No-Ground'


Crafted from black fibreglass with a non-metallic body, the GL-27 is ideal for all vehicles. It comes mounted on a stainless steel spring, so flexibility is guaranteed, making it more capable of taking a hit than a solid antenna. 

The mount is capable of a 180-degree angle adjustment, so you have full customisation options, and a mirror mount comes as standard. 

Reception is crystal clear with omnidirectional radiation. It provides the impressive performance and the quality build that you can expect from the Sirio brand.

With the latest design ”no-ground” technology this antenna is particularly suitable for all vehicles with non-metallic body.




  • Type of Antenna: 1/4 wave reduced

  • Length: 114cm

  • Frequency: 26-30 MHz

  • S.W.R.: < 1.2:1

  • Power Rating: 15 watts

  • Mounting: Mirror mount



  • Impressive performance and build quality.

  • Moderately sized at 114cm and flexible, so it’s suitable for vehicles that may encounter low-hanging branches while driving off-road.

  • The stainless steel mount emphasises the durability of the antenna, so you don't need to worry about it snapping or breaking while driving.


  • Specifically designed for non-metallic vehicles with no ground plane.  If your vehicle is metallic and/or if you are able to ground your antenna then other antennas may perform better.

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What You Should Know Before Buying a CB Antenna for your Jeep

So, now we've covered our top six recommendations, let's talk about some of the key attributes you should look out for before purchasing your own CB antenna for your Jeep. There's a lot available on the market right now, so it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Below are some of the most critical characteristics you should know. 

Durable Material

Fibreglass antennas are far superior to centre-load antennas when it comes to durability. The material is ideal for a Jeep antenna since you will likely do some off-roading at some stage. 

You need your antenna to be just as rugged as your vehicle. Otherwise, you might find that it wasn't a worthwhile purchase. It can have all the fanciest features in the world, but if it can't last the course, it was a failed investment.

Attachment Method

Many CB antennas use magnets to attach themselves to the top of your Jeep, but this is only applicable if you have a solid metal top. Many Jeeps have fibreglass or soft tops, which leaves you with no good place to mount your new magnetic antenna. 

Make sure you know how you're going to attach the antenna before purchasing it.


Some fibreglass antennas provide significantly more give than stiffer antennas, meaning they are less prone to damage. These are ideal for off-roading, as they can take impacts from low hanging bushes or trees without snapping in two entirely. 

Fibreglass constructions can often bend in just about any direction, so you can focus on your driving without worrying about damaging your equipment.

So, why aren't all antennas built this way if they're so durable? Well, it comes at a cost. Flexible fibreglass antennas aren't nearly as effective as thicker, standard models. 

If you're looking for a CB antenna with a significant range and quality, the flexible variety may disappoint. It all depends on what you prioritise most: range or durability. 

The choice largely depends on whether you intend to stick to the roads or go off-road more often. 


The longer the antenna, the more range you will achieve (more on this below). However, having a significantly long antenna on your Jeep isn't always applicable since some of the largest can extend beyond eight feet. Such a length just isn't practical for your average Jeep. 

To mitigate this, many antenna designers create coiled products. You can achieve the same effective length without running into trouble with parking structures, garages, or barrier clearances. 

Some CB antennas are also removable with a tool-free quick disconnect feature. It can help mitigate circumstances where you need to drive your Jeep through a low ceiling or barrier but don’t want to lose out on the extended range. 


Antenna range is usually directly related to the height or length of the antenna, with the larger antennas providing a range of up to ten miles. 

Generally speaking, your CB antenna will achieve an extra one to two miles of range per foot in length. 

You can also use two antennas at once with dual mounting, usually on either side of your vehicle, to increase your total range. Dual mounting can be especially beneficial if you use your Jeep to pull trailers or other large loads that could disrupt the signal from a single antenna. 

Mounting Location

There is no hard and fast rule for where you should place your antenna. They can be placed just about anywhere, including on your hood channel, trunk, bumper, mirror bar, or typically, on the vehicle's roof. 

You certainly have a wide variety of choices for placement, but there are some key considerations. For example, the higher your antenna is, the better it is likely to perform. To gauge what this should look like, at least half of your antenna should be above the roofline. 

You also need to consider how firmly the antenna is mounted. It needs to be essentially immovable. If not securely fastened, any slight movement can significantly impact the quality of the signal. In a worst-case scenario, you could end up losing the antenna entirely. 

Finally, except for dual antennas, your antenna will operate best when mounted as centrally as possible to the vehicle. 


If you have been impressed by any of our top six recommendations, try them out for yourself! Finding the perfect CB antenna for your Jeep may require trial and error, but you can't go wrong with any of our choices. The perfect antenna is just a single purchase away!

And for more advice, equipment, and deals on antennas and radio communication technologies, visit the Moonraker store. We’re your source for clear reception.