YouLoop HF Passive Loop Antenna Review

YouLoop HF Passive Loop Antenna Review

The passive loop style of the magnetic Mobius loop has been available on the market since 2017. Still, recently the shortwave radio listening community has fully embraced the YouLoop HF Passive Loop Antenna as the new go-to — and you are about to see why.

If you are a shortwave hobbyist, professional, or passionate about these devices, this item is a must-have. The range and fidelity will make a noticeable difference across your bands. Featured on Tech Minds, this simple device stands out as a powerful and reliable tool that will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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What's in the Box?

Order from Moonraker today, and you'll get a discone antenna (25Mhz and up) along with the Youloop (for HF).

Right out of the box is:

  • 2 X 1-metre semi-rigid RG402 Coax SMA Male Connectors (Branches)
  • 1 X 2-metre semi-rigid RG402 Coax SMA Male Connectors (Transmission Line)
  • Phase Inverter
  • T-Shaped low-loss wide-band BALUN
  • Discone antenna

The phase inverter and BALUN come preassembled for you in the package, which means you can set up the whole YouLoop Antenna in just minutes.

YouLoop HF Passive Loop Antenna Review: Our Initial Impressions

Much of the success of this instrument comes from its passive design, meaning you won't need any power to use it. However, a low noise preamp at the feed point lets you push its capabilities further and reduce static and fuzz.

This YouLoop Antenna functions quite well indoors. For the best results (an HF radio signal from about 10Khz to 30Mhz), hang it in front of a large window. But to get the most out of your device, raise it several metres high outside. 

No matter how you mount it, be sure to maintain the natural semi-rigid loop shape to avoid bending it the wrong way and interfering with your signals.

A great benefit of this YouLoop Antenna is its portability. The small size and ease of assembly mean you can take this antenna on the go and set it up in less than five minutes. The loops easily spiral up and can fit in a small bag, making travel simple.

Another great time-saver is that there is no need for manual tuning. The low loss wideband BALUN is part of the u-loop, meaning all you have to do is assemble, plug in the YouLoop Antenna, and start listening. Unlike other passive loop designs, this wideband style means you will never need to install a capacitor or tuner.

This device is notable for its low-noise characteristics across radio bands, as you would expect in most magnetic loop antennas. You'll get clearer sound, even when conditions are not ideal.

This Airspy YouLoop Antenna deserves a glowing review for its versatility, flexibility, and simplicity. This antenna is simple enough for a complete novice to use as a starter antenna but sophisticated enough that old pros can squeeze out all of its capabilities.

What To Use the YouLoop HF Passive Loop Antenna For?

Since this is a passive antenna, it is smart to pair it with a highly sensitive radio. The best use is for those seeking extremely low levels of interference across a wide array of bands. Radio signals even many kilometres away will come through with enough clarity that you can be confident in recording them.

You can also alter the YouLoop Antenna to work with VHF. When it becomes a folded dipole, the frequency goes through two coax legs directly to the low-loss BALUN. With no adjustments, it can handle 10Khz to 30Mhz, but when used as a folded dipole, it can reach VHF 300Mhz. 

Fun fact: VHF bands have better reception than most mobile phones or CB radios!

This Airspy YouLoop Antenna will work perfectly with FM broadcasts, ham radio, and most high-end frequencies. You can expect the most static when using this on lower frequencies, as the design isn't suitable for anything too low.

However, like all YouLoop Antennas, the performance depends on a few variables: time of day, location, how and where you mount the Airspy YouLoop Antenna, and the conditions of the band all influence how clear your frequency is.

Ultimately, how you use it is up to you, and thanks to plenty of customisation, you may even find uses not mentioned here!


At an unmatched price, investing in the YouLoop is a no-brainer. With minimal effort on your part, you can achieve clear, noise-free bands in just a few minutes from opening.

Open up the box, and jump onto the radio instantly with this all-around device.

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