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Most Viewed
    As low as €14.33
    14 Watts
  2. Moonraker GAP-F 5/8 Wave Vertical Moonraker
    38 Watts
  3. Venom GPA 1/2 Wave Base Antenna Sharman Multicom
    35 Watts
  4. Sharman Storm 500 Base CB Antenna Sharman Multicom
    66 Watts
  5. Venom GPA 1/2 Wave Hygain Base Antenna Sharman Multicom
    38 Watts
  6. Meteor Mobile CB Antenna Moonraker
    14 Watts
  7. SPRINGER (VARIOUS COLOURS) Sharman Multicom
    As low as €16.24
    16 Watts
  8. Sirio 2016 CB 5/8 Wave Base Antenna Sirio
    143 Watts

At Moonraker, we have a large selection of CB antennas available for all ranges of circumstances and radios. From budget options to professional radio setups, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Moonraker.

Our antennas split into four categories: base, handheld, mobile CB antennas, and CB antenna kits. 

We also work with several top brands and manufacturers, including, but not limited to:

  • Sirio
  • Wilson
  • Sharman Multicom
  • Solarcon
  • And, of course, Moonraker

If you have a CB radio, a quality CB antenna is vital to your setup. Why? The antenna captures radio frequency signals so the receiver can convert them to electrical signals. Equally, the antenna takes the signals from the transmitter and converts them to radio frequency signals. So, a good quality CB antenna can improve both your reception and transmission.

So if you don’t already have a decent quality CB antenna or if you are looking to improve on the one you had, check out our options now!

What are CB Radio Antennas?

On a radio, the antenna receives and transmits radio waves. What you think of when you picture an antenna - the long pole that points to the sky - is known as the whip. The base is where it is attached to at the bottom.

Best CB Radio Antenna Products

CB Base Antennas

Great options include the Venom GPA 1/2 Wave Base, the Solarcon Antron, or the Sirio 2016 CB 5/8.

Mobile Antennas

The Moonraker Micro CB Antenna is a fantastic budget choice, or for a more advanced setup, choose the Genuine K40 Black Original.

Handheld CB Antennas

Moonraker has several options from MRW-27, MRW-27L, and MRW-27TNC. Alternatively, check out the Albrecht Hyflex.

Antenna Accessories

Mount kits and SWR meters are just some examples of antenna accessories.

Magnetic Mount CB KIts

These are great all in one kits and the antenna can be mounted to your vehicle without the need to drill any holes..


What antenna do I need for CB radio?

This will depend entirely on your set up (hand-held, mobile or base-station) and where you need to mount it. For example if mounting on your vehicle is the vehicle made of metal or fibreglass? If mounting your antenna inside, how much space do you have? If mounting an antenna outside how high can you go and will your neighbours mind?

What is the difference between ham and CB radio antennas?

It's all to do with the frequencies on which they run. CB runs on 27 MHz, whereas the popular Ham VHF and UHF frequencies run on 144 and 430 MHz.

How do I install a CB radio antenna on my vehicle?

You may need a mounting kit for this step but aim for the center of the roof for the best signal.

What is the ideal height for a CB radio antenna?

This may vary, but on a vehicle aim for at least two-thirds of the antenna above the vehicle's roof line. In all other instances the general rule is the higher the better.

How can I improve the range of my CB radio antenna?

The best way to do this is to install the antenna higher, as it will have a better chance of picking up signals.

How do I properly tune my CB radio antenna?

  1. Connect the SWR meter.
  2. Find the SWR reading.
  3. Do this for channels 1 and 40.
  4. Compare the readings and adjust as necessary.

Does the length of a CB antenna matter?

As a general rule, the longer, the better for CB antennas, as you'll be more likely to get a good signal.